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All You Need Is Your Passport - Part 1


We have been locked down a little over two years and the world is opening back up! If you are like us you are ready to travel and to see the world. BUT wait! You do not have a passport, you say? We here at JTravelUp recommend you start the process of getting your passport ASAP if you are planning International Travel any time soon. Passports can be a big hassle - the money needed, photo requirements, trying to find an appointment and let’s not forget about the application. But they are all necessary if you want to get up and go see the world.

  • DId You know: Only 38% of Americans have ever left the country!

The Department of State says, there are about 121,512,341 (and counting) passports in circulation for the 321,362,789 American citizens. With some simple division that is only 0.37811577805 of all Americans. We, here at JTravelUp is on the move to encourage more people to go get their passport so you can get up and Travel with us. Be sure to check our website for the great international travel we have planned for 2022 and be on the lookout for 2023.

  • Americans have the most powerful passport!

The American passports grant its holders access to 147 countries, according to the Passport Index. You read that right, We have the most powerful passport. Go get you a Passport!