AutoPay Billing Plan FAQs

AutoPay Billing Plan FAQs

You are automatically enrolled in our AutoPay Billing Plan when you select the Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) for any of our Group Trips. You can relax and be at ease knowing that your future payments will be made automatically. When you book, our system will calculate an evenly divided automatic billing plan for you with payment due dates. Our system will send you reminders before the due date via the email address you registered with. Your initial deposit is due at the time of booking, and your future payments will be charged according to the schedule you see on your invoice. Our AutoPay Billing service is available for all our Group Trip customers at no charge and no interest added.

AutoPay Billing FAQS 

What is AutoPay billing?

AutoPay is automatic billing. It allows you to set up recurring payments on the entire remaining balance to be billed to the credit card on file each month until your balance is paid in full.

What are the advantages of autopay billing?

It is convenient and it is free, and no need to worry about missed payments and late fees being assessed. Payments are automatic and evenly divided.

Will JTravelUp Billing System remind me before I am charged? 

Yes, JTravelUp Billing System will email you a payment reminder at the beginning of every month. You will also receive an email confirmation after each payment is processed every month. 

How many payments will I have and when will they be due?

Payments are due monthly on the 15th of each month. The number of payments will be based on how many months there are from the time you book and the final payment date.

Does JTravel Billing System keep my credit card information safe?

JTravel Billing System (merchant company) complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS); A set of comprehensive requirements developed by the maior card brands to facilitate consistent data security measures.  

What if my card is declined during the payment plan?

When your card is declined during the monthly payment plan, Our Billing System will attempt to charge your card again two days later. If your card is declined a second time, you will receive an email advising you to make payment immediately or your reservations will be canceled.

What if a credit card expires or a new credit card is issued during the payment plan?

You can always log into the system and update and or add a new card to your account. 

What happens if my payment is not done on the 15th of the month?

All monthly payments are due the 15th of each month and a $25 late fee will be added on the 16th of the month.