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Should I Get Rental Car Insurance?

Should I Get Rental Car Insurance?

Renting a car is expensive, so many people are tempted to skip the optional rental car insurance. That can be a risky decision, however. When you're wondering, "Should I get rental car insurance?" here are three questions to consider.

Should I buy rental car insurance if I already have a good car insurance policy?

Yes. If you get in a car accident - which may be more likely when you're driving unfamiliar roads in a rental car - your insurance company could slap a 20 percent (or more) surcharge on your policy premium for the next three years.1 Rental car insurance can protect you from this spike in your insurance premiums.

Rental car insurance may also protec...


Travel Insurance 101

Travel Insurance 101: How Travel Insurance Works

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Is travel insurance right for you?

Hundreds of millions of travelers ask themselves this question each year. And one in three jetsetters now opt in for travel insurance.1

But before you can answer this question for yourself, you need to equip yourself with some knowledge, including what exactly travel insurance actually is, what the benefits are, and under what circumstances it makes sense for you and your family to elect for insurance before your next trip.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Different travel insurance companies and other credible sources may range in the nuance they use to define travel insurance, but here is a great place to start: trav...